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What does Infinite Skyz supply to Elio Motors?

Infinite Skyz will be supplying Elio Motors with our SkyzMatic vehicle connectivity system with numerous sensors to provide customers with connected car features including in-vehicle VoIP calling, Internet access, remote vehicle monitoring, remote start and lock/unlock, and navigation. The connectivity will also provide Bluetooth 4.0, in-vehicle internet access, camera monitoring and logging, vehicle location monitoring, trip logging, distance sensors, and accelerometer data monitoring. The SkyzMatic system will transmit real-time camera viewings, location, dashboard, distance sensors, and accelerator data directly to your mobile device. All of the remote functions will be transmitted from an mobile device or smart watch to and from the Elio through the SkyzMatic system. The information available to Elio owners through the SkyzMatic connectivity system will significantly enhance their overall experience with the vehicle through best-in-class technology, apps, and safety features.

Why did Elio choose Infinite Skyz?

We chose Infinite Skyz because of their world-class innovative technology and software that offer a rich user experience for our customers. Infinite Skyz and the SkyzMatic system will provide the best-in-class offering of in-vehicle and remote Internet connectivity available on the market when the Elio is launched in 2015. Their ability to integrate new technology as it evolves within the Elio will allow our customers the ability to continually upgrade their Elio with new and enhanced mobile technology. In addition, Infinite Skyz is an American owned company that creates and provides American jobs.